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We're leading NGO in Downtown

We are a not-for-profit organisation that builds capacity of communities to ensure empowerment for marginalised women and girls. Our sustainable and holistic interventions in Health, Livelihood, Education and Disaster Relief & Resilience, provide innovative solutions to deep-rooted development problems.

Our Founder

Mr. Mustafa Mujawar

Mr. Mustafa Mujawar is Founder of Insaaff Natural Security of Animal Foundation who works for animals in Sangli. He is animal lover. He is also a great animal rights activist and a social worker. His mission is to help the animals in the society. The animal welfare is the basic need of the people. Animals are a precious asset in our lives. They help our health and well being. It is very sad that we cannot live without animals. We are living on the verge of extinction. There is no animal that can be called a friend to humans. But the animal lovers are fighting for the right of animals to live in a healthy condition. In this article he is sharing the best animal care practices that will help you to take care of your animal.

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